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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan helps CSET better serve residents and the community and strengthen the agency. The culmination of this process is a Plan clearly charting CSET’s path to effectively guide residents to self-sufficiency in Tulare County. This Plan will also serve as a guide for implementation and evaluation of programs as well as maintain our focus on providing excellent customer service.


Annual Report

The Annual Report provides the community with comprehensive information regarding CSET’s activities throughout the last year. We hope you enjoy exploring our programs presented in this document. The stories we’ve shared offer a glimpse of our work’s impact and we hope they inspire you to join us on our mission to serve and support local youth, families and communities.


The Brochure enables CSET to supply the community with a useful resource to take home with them. The brochure is an effective marketing tool that helps CSET highlight the agency’s benefits, products and services for a community members. It is used to communicate the agency’s capabilities in a useful and succinct way. Brochures are available in every CSET office.


Community Needs Assessment

Every two years CSET conducts a Community Needs Assessment to ensure we are providing the services our residents need. The assessment helps guide programs and priorities for future years.